Website No Longer Available

Unfortunately, the website you are trying to access is no longer available as the server it was hosted on has now closed.


Information for Website Owners

As part of our restructuring program, we have discontinued Server DCT & Server467. As a result websites hosted in these servers will no longer resolve, please follow the 3 step guide below to migrate your website to a new server.

1) Download Your Files

Submit A Ticket with our technical support team so we can provide you a copy of your files.

Submit  A Ticket

2) Order A New Account

Order A New Account either with us or another service provider to host your website.

Place An Order

3) Upload Your Files

Unarchive your files and upload your databases and website files through the cPanel Restore service.

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Information for Websites Visitors

If you’re a website visitor, please try and access the website again in a few days. If you have contact information for the website owner, please let them know their website is no longer accessible and they will need to migrate it, as they may not be aware (although notices have being posted).

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